Unlocking Children's Creativity

Sunbird Pre-Primary is an independent pre-school in Cape Town, South Africa. Together with Sun Valley Primary and Sunbird Pre-Primary, Sunbird Pre-Primary provides children with world-class education in a community-school environment.

We don’t teach Pre-Schoolers to read or write. We teach them to be reading and writing ready. When schools miss this vital research in brain development, many children end up with developmental gaps. There is a time and a place for everything. Pre-School is a time to get the body ready to learn so that we can unlock creativity and innovation

No learning can happen unless the brain is learning ready. Using games, activities, stories, structured and unstructured play, we will make sure that the body is ready to learn by focusing on our High 5 Kids programme:

  1. Posture
  2. My Place in Space
  3. Communication
  4. Independence
  5. Skills

We will achieve this by minimising threat and maximising reward. Research proves that this creates ownership of ideas and motivation. The result: More ideas are generated and creativity is unleashed.