Applying to Sunbird Pre-Primary

What is the Sun Valley Group of Schools?

The Sun Valley Group of Schools comprises of Sunbird Pre-Primary, Sun Valley Primary and Silvermine Academy: The High School. The primary school is a public school and the Pre-primary and High school are part of Silvermine Academy which is a private company. The Group also has a Music Academy, Sport Academy and Teaching Academy. The After-Care Centre is called Home Base and we have a high functioning catering centre called Birdie Num Nums.

How can parents get involved?

We tap into the wealth of expertise and energy of our parents through the Room Parent Programme, the Board of Governors, and Support Teams for Musicals, events and functions.

We also connect regularly through events and communcations.

How secure is the School?

The field gate on Coracle Road (East Gate) is unlocked at 07:00. The gate on Corvette Road, on the Foundation Phase side (West Gate) is also unlocked at 07:00 and is controlled by a Security Guard. Both gates are locked at 07:45 and the only access to Sunbird Pre-Primary is through the Foyer in Brigantine Ave. Sun Valley and High School students who arrive after 07:45 will have their diaries marked in the “Late Comers” column. Please do not leave your children unattended before 07:00.

Each grade has a specific collection point at the end of the day. Teachers are on duty at these points for 15 minutes after the end of the school day. Children who have not been collected at the end of the 15-minute period are taken to Home Base and parents will need to collect them from there.

What traffic control system is in place around the schools?

Parents are requested to drive anti-clockwise around the school to drop their children off in the mornings and collect them after school. Coracle and Corvette Roads should be regarded as drop-and-go zones between drop-off and collection times. Please help us by abiding to these guidelines for the safety of our children.